Lesson 5 : write poems

4, I drove my car with my friend.

Late night

Driving for Haruna lake

Over snow-coverd road.

I hear the melody of  “Toryanse”


2, I bought my billiard cue.

New land

The first store

Fresh feelings

A new billiard cue


5, I song some arias of “Messiah” composed Handel.

I get nervous.

I am being watched.

But I simply make fun singing.

Lesson 5 :

Today, what I do is to free-write my 15 events what happened to me and I have impression strongly.

1, I played billiards 17 games in the late night with my friend.

We played in “自遊空間前橋国領町店” last winter. We were tired mentally. But we excited.

2, I bought my billiard cue.

I bought my billiard cue because I became to play billiard every day. That costed about 70,000 yen. I worked part time very hard for it.  I bought it “カリフォルニアビリヤード” in Isesaki city.

3, I played a game of billiards.

The game was held “自遊空間前橋国領町店”. I didn’t play well, but I was interested in billiard. So, I went to play the game. I couldn’t win any games, but I was berry happy to play with many players.

4, I drove my car with my friend.

I drive last winter the late night. There are snow over the road. I went Ikaho, and walked Ishidan. We took a photo of rising sun.

5, I song some arias of “Messiah” composed Handel.

I song at Tamamura city hall last winter. About 300 people came to hear.

6, I defeated my friend by arm wrestling.

I couldn’t defeated my friend arm wrestling. I regretted it, so I worked out for 2 month.

7, The shop I worked in was going out of business.

The shop is “Mister Donut” in Maebashi Aramaki. I worked 1 year ago.  But the shop could not get money.

8, I passed the university.

The test was to play the piano, to sing an Aria of the opera, and to write about some music sign. I couldn’t get enough point at “センター試験”. So I practiced very hard.

9, I drank alcohol after the injection.

I had an injection in winter 2 years ago. And I drank with my friends. After drinking, I felt sick and I vomited.

10, I drank  for 10 hours.

I drank for 10 hours at the training camp of orchestra. After drinking, I felt sick and I vomited. And I couldn’t join some practice.

11, I played online game for 20 hours.

I loved online game when I was 14 year old. I played game for long time every day. My parent worried and confiscated my PC.

12, I cook beef stew.

I cook beef stew for my favorite friend on Valentine’s Day. My friend was very pleased. 

13, I participated in the chorus.

I sang “Messiah” composed Handel. The playing time is 3 hours. I was tired, but it was very fun.

14, I played harpsichord.

I played harpsichord during I played “Messiah” composed Handel. How to play of harpsichord is different from the piano. And music sheet of them are different each other, too.

15, My 20th birthday

In my 20th birthday, I got a message from my younger brother. The massage is “Become a decent adult“. I think my brother got bigger.


week 3

Today, I have Homework, to finish reading Iida’s (2016) article and to write a 250- word essay on my ideas, opinions, or thoughts about the following questions: What is my understanding of poetry writing?, Why is poetry writing important to us?, Which poem do I like the best? Explain my reason.

1,  What is my understanding of poetry writing?

Iida (2016) argued that “that L2 writers, even at the levels of ability such as the participants in this study, can successfully communicate their experiences”(p 132). So, poem for  second language (L2) writers  enable to successfully communicate their experiences even L2 writers is lack of English ability. And Iida (2016) argued that “Poetry written by L2 learners in this study was characterized as short, personal, direct, and descriptive.”(p132), too. So, L2 writers can write their thinking short, personal, direct, and descriptive by using poetry writing.


2, Why is poetry writing important to us?

I think poetry writing can us write our thinking easier than write in formal writing, and we can write very laugh by using this type of writing. So, poetry writing is important.


3, Which poem do I like the best? Explain my reason.

I chose this poem and I like this one best.

Everyday life
We think it continues forever
We think it is natural
But it was special …
It is valuable …”

First, in this poem, “…” are used twice and I feel this matter seems to be Japanese. Second, in this poem, what makes him (or her) to feel like this is not written. I think readers are had room for thinking that what happened to writer. And reader think to spend our Everyday life is special and important. So, I like this poem best.

week 2

Today, I have read Hanauer’s (2013) article. And I have to make a 250-word essay on my own ideas, opinions, or thoughts about the following questions:

◇What is my understanding of poetry writing?

◇Why is poetry writing important to us?


But for me, this article is too difficult that I cannot understand 90% of words or sentences meanings. To read this text is very stressful for me, and it is very difficult to read this type of essay every week because of my ability, time for practicing musical instruments, or other task . However, I need to write an essay on this blog today, so I do my best and please read with your kindness.


1, What is my understanding of poetry writing?

Poetry writing is a type of art. It can make us to express our thinks by poetry writing.


2, Why is poetry writing important to us?

Poetry writing makes us to meet other cultural thinking. We can understand other people who have other thinking of us, through reading poet. And we can express our thinking to people who have other thinking of us. And poetry writing helps us to make others to understand or to think about our thinking. So, poetry writing is important to us.


I tried reading carefully or reading again. But I couldn’t understand this article better and couldn’t write more words or better sentence among my think on this blog. I worry which I can get along well on this class. I wish I could get easier task or articles to read..


Thank you for reading.

Lesson 1: Self-introduction

Hi, my name is Soichiro Fujino. I’m taking make-up English class. The reason of starting this blog is to do my homework. Today, my task is make a blog of my Self-introduction.

My name is Soichiro Fujino, studying music in Gunma University. My nickname is Sorohchiro. Please coll me Soroh! I’m from Nara-city in Japan. When I childhood, I sow deer everyday. My dream is to become a music teacher. I study playing the Piano in Gunma University. I’ll appear on the stage of spring regular concert by students that studying music in Gunma University, and I practice “Etudes-tableaux Op. 33”, composed by Rachmaninoff for that concert. My birthday is November 1st. My favorite singer Noriko Ymazaki, teaching vocal music in Gunma University. I don’t like English, so I didn’t go English class then. But I need 2 credits of English for graduation, so I’m going to attend this class seriously. Thank you.

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